Is metal the only thing you can sandblast?

So your thinking of buying a home or maybe redoing your own but theres more paint on the wood than there is wood on the wall.  Your thinking that you really want to take it all the way back down to the original wood face and start from scratch but there is no way you can sand it all the way back down!  Well, you could, but you will definitely have your work cut out for you! Instead,  why not sandblast it?  Yep,  you can sandblast your wood sided house and then run back over it with a sander to smooth it up.  Many variables will effect this process such as how much paint is currently there, what the quality of the paint jobs were, the condition of the wood, and so on.  in any case you can expect one thing for sure. The action of the sand plowing into the wall will lift the soft grain more rapidlt than the harder grain. You should keep this in mind and choose a point that you arent comfortable going past and get as close to that profile as possible and there you have it, a prepped surface ready for paint and it was easier than you thought.

How much does it cost for sandblasting services?

Price is something of an inexact science as each piece even if they are the same exact thing can vary greatly and time spent removing the paint dependent of upon the quality of job that was done the first time. Also if the piece is powder-coated it is now going to greatly increase the amount of time removing the coating as much as 10 times as long so you could expect to pay ten times as much for the same piece. In general you can pretty much figure to pay about $150 per hour to a sandblaster!  Highway robbery right?  Welp, although that does seem absurdely high its really not.  Considering that it costs over a dollar a minute just to operate the equipment you’re definitely not making anyone rich by paying this price by the time everything else comes out as far as material taxes and I’ll you may be really paying them $30 an hour to take care of your project for you.  Often times jobs will be bidded by price per square foot.  Over the years there has been a large increase from around $2.50 psf and ive heard it as high as $6 psf, although im sure there are exeptions to these prices with some going higher and some lower.

What type of paint should i use for my project?

This is largely up to you and can be decided through whether you want durability, cost effectiveness, non toxic, or some other reasoning.  Basically there are alot of options so i will try and broadstroke the main different types of paint you will most often encounter.  There are two main groups of paint, oilbase and waterbase paint.  There is also water borne but thats another topic.  The basic difference in the two or an easy explanation is that water base pai t are going to be thinned and cleaned up with water while oil bvb ase paints use solvents like laquer thinner, butyl, mineral spirits, xylene, and so on.  Either choice can be a great choice and the difference, atleast as far as what ive seen is that oil base paint is what you would lean towards if you want a more high gloss finish as opposed to a more matte finish.  That being said, these days there are waterborne pai ts that can achieve this look also.  Both can be durable and long lasting depending on the quality of paint you purchased. As with anything there is good bad and in between but with paint you pretty much get what you pay for. If you’re looking for the longest lasting blouses most durable finish as far as hardness goes with flexibility then I polyurethane paint is what you will likely won’t. If you just need to cover something and have it look good for a little while before it starts to fade then an enamel paint will likely suits you better. Latex can last for years and years but in general it is going to give you a more dull finish so if that is what you are looking for then latex will do the job.

How soon after blasting should i prime my piece?

Immediately.depending on where your located rust can start on you project as soon as the nosle moves to different spot so its always going to be the safest bet to go ahead and prime right after blasting.  Sure, you can wait but your setting yourself up for future troubles with your project.  Any humidity higher than 86% leaves a micro thin layer of water on everything that you cant see and while its no always an option to wait on perfect weatther waiting to long just creates more buildup and starts the rusting process and just because you paint over it doesnt mean that the process stops.  It just keeps eating away out of site. So plan to prime right after blasting if possible.

Is sand the only media that is used in sandblasting?

So sandblasting is just a general term and oftentimes media other than sand is what is being used for the paint removal. Because of the silica in the sand it is common place to see other media is used instead of sand for health reasons and also because there are other media is out there that do a better job of cutting through the paint and into the work surface. Coal slag is one as well as garnet crushed glass Walnut shells and even bicarbonate of soda. Basically anything even slightly abrasive that you can shoot out of the end of a hose.

Is blasting the right way to go for my project?

Through the years ive seen very many people realize that blasting was the way to go for paint removal.  I know this because countless times people have shown up with trailers, bed frames, fourwheeler racks, old cars, etc., with partially removed paint from wire brushes, grinders, strippers, and whatever else can be used.  After an hour of grinding on a relatively small project and seeing little progress they obviously decided to look into sandblasting as a suitable alternative.  They were absolutely right as sandblasting makes quick work of those small jobs saving you (ALOT) of time and money and from potentially  hazardous dust floating around from the romoval process.  It also is a far more efficient process that gives your a better starting canvas than youd likely ever achieve using the other methods.  Blasting puts a profile on the metal for the paint to better cling to and or penetrate.  On the flip side, blasting is very aggresive and will generate alot of heat during the process so if you have a dainty piece and don’t know a professional who can negotiate the removal process properly, then DONT do it.  Ive seen 1/4 ” steal roll up like a rollie pollie or people classic cars brought to me only after visiting the wrong person first and had to break the news that their hood or trunk or whatever is now permanently warped because someone lacking in knowledge just hammered down until the heat build up cause often irreversible damage to their prized possession!  Not to say ot cant be done because it can, it just needs to be done right.  There are also alternative forms of blasting that address the heat issue and eliminate risk altogether.

Can I sandblast myself?

You can certainly do it yourself as with most things but not paying is really still not going to be an option as you will have to have a compressor and a pot and depending on the scale hoses Fresh Air hood charcoal filter Etc. The main problem with doing it yourself is that the equipment that you will likely have will limit you in air pressure and volume to the point where it’s really just not a practical idea or practice. Now if you have just a very small piece with a little paint or just rusty then there are small hand-held blasting guns or small low-volume blasting pots that will get the job done. If you do decide to do it yourself just make sure to take all of the safety precautions because sand contains free silica and breathing it over an extended. Of time the dust anyway can cause silicosis a very horrible lung disease to have to deal with. So don’t jeopardize your health 2 save a few dollars especially if it’s not going to save you much money at all anyway. That is what my self and others do this for to accept the risk of the hazards for you.

The Journey Begins

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Maybe your here because you have a project dealing with painting or the removal there of and aren’t quiet sure of the best method for moving forward. Well let me tey to be of some help to you. I have been in the business for 15 years and my father for close to forty. All knowledge you find here will have been shared from experience so you can be confident about moving forward. Ill answer the questions that i believe youll be asking yourself into seperate posts so that everything doesnt run together and also have a way to post questions yourself. If i cannot cofidently answer your question i will not give a guess that possibly damages your project.